Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Versatile Vets

We aren't sure of her precise age because she was adopted from neighbours who no longer wanted her, but we think Senior Cat is about 23 years old.

She's quite a happy creature, but from time to time needs some medical attention.

Whatever the problem the vet sees her within about 24 hours, and sorts it out. Thromboses are dispersed, fluttering heart brought under control, hyperactive thyroid restrained, sprains soothed, bad teeth removed, and overlong claws trimmed.

Compare that with the treatment of humans. One has to wait a week or more for a doctor's appointment, that often leads to another appointment with a specialist. It seems rare for a doctor to deal with a problem on the spot.

Furthermore doctors deal with only one species of animal, while vets deal with any living creature except for the members of just one species.

Just add a few months more to a vet's training so vets could treat humans too, and we could dispense with not only doctors, but with dentists and chiropodists too.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Challenge for Synthetic Phonics

Reading about functions of a complex variable reminded me of hyperbolic functions, and I wondered what advocates of Synthetic Phonics would make of 'sinh' and 'tanh' .

Non mathematical readers should note that the words are pronounced 'shine' and 'than', the latter with the 'th' unvoiced

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Prime Minister's Past

I've already blogged about the fining of the Home Office. Now there are reports of horrid goings on in overcrowded prisons.

Prisons would not be so much overcrowded had not a former Home Secretary pressed for longer prison sentences, and resisted proposals to reduce the numbers sentenced to imprisonment by de-criminalising the possession of drugs.

The former Home Secretary in question is the present Prime Minister!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Punishing the Home Office

The Home Office has been fined £366,900 for breaching the government's senior salary pay cap.
What impact will that fine have on the Home Office?

Will the HO turn its heating down to save fuel, use cheaper toilet paper in its loos, or go to the market to buy bargain packs of broken biscuits to serve to visitors ?