Wednesday, 26 April 2017


When shopping today I remembered to buy something I hadn't put on my shopping list, evidence that my ancient brain still functions !!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Too Late

This general election comes too late. It should have preceded the decision to leave the EU not followed it.

Leaving the EU is a complicated procedure with far reaching consequences that are hard to foresee. The decision to leave should only have been made, if at all, as part of a detailed plan of how to go about it, set out by people prepared to implement it.

The only sensible way to go about that would have been for a party with clear and detailed plans for leaving to present those plans to the electorate and win a general Election on the basis of that policy.

The present government has given notice to leave the EU without appearing to have any clear idea of how to go about it, and now seeks reelection in the hope of entrenching itself in power before its incompetence becomes obvious to all.

I recommend a vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What is a Whistle-blower?

Whistle-blower usually refers to people who expose some misconduct in some organization of which they are a member. It is a matter of concern when such a person is made to suffer for their actions.

In a recent case the term has been used differently. The board of Barclays Bank received anonymous letters alleging misconduct by an employee. After an investigation failed to substantiate the accusations the CEO tried to find out who had made the accusations, and has been accused of breaking rules made to protect whistle-blowers.

Making false accusations is quite different from exposing misconduct. It seems to me reasonable to find out who made the accusations, so that the person wrongly accused may seek redress.