Friday, 19 December 2014

Ruled by Hackers

Governments seem to be relying on hackers to attack computer systems they consider hostile.  I wonder if governments may eventually be controlled by hackers.

People who can do cunningly  malevolent things with computers are quite unlike the general run of civil servants or army officers. They are likely to see their activities as a game, and to feel more sympathy with those playing on the other side than with their employers, and if they decide to take control of their own government's computer systems their powers would be immense.

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Many and the Few

A few weeks ago the Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition said something to the effect that we should put the needs of the many before the interests of the few. Even at the time I thought it sounded a bit sinister.

Now that we are considering the possibility that a British Government, of which the present Leader of the opposition was a member, may have been complicit in the torture of suspects by the CIA, I wonder if he and his colleagues told themselves that they needed to put the safety of the many before the humane treatment of the few.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I'm sorry I've neglected this blog for so long.

I'm in the process of arranging to move house, and although I still have bloggable thoughts from time to time, I've been getting distracted before I get round to putting them here.

I apologise again for not saying where the new house is, but it's prudent not to put lots of personal information in the public domain. Those who need to know will receive an informative email a few days before Christmas.