Sunday, 30 December 2012


I recently hear someone refer, in a BBC news program, to people 'starving for lack of food'

They  might have trusted us to work that out for ourselves!!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Seasonal Ill-Will

Christians often claim that theirs is the religion of love, yet the Christmas message of the Archbishop of Westminster was devoted to attacking a way of expressing love; he denounced plans for gay marriage.

I'm not sure how closely faces correlate with character, but the archbishop's face suggested to me someone who has rarely felt love.

Perhaps someone should seduce him, but I hope I don't draw the short straw!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

An Exceptionally Bad Bargain

One of the few consolations of the Christmas season is the opportunity to sneer at the various optimistically priced packages of teas, jams, biscuits, herbs, spices, tinsel, tissue paper and confectionery sold as something the desperate might like to give as Christmas presents.

Among this year's selection there was a conspicuously bad bargain. It was called a marinade kit, or words to that effect, and consisted of a graduated glass cylinder and a bottle of Worcester sauce; together they were priced at 14 pounds!!! Last time I bought Worcester sauce a bottle of that size cost less than 2 pounds, I'm not sure what a graduated measuring jug would cost, but imagine one could be had for not much more than a couple of pounds,

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pe-emptive Repair

Strolling through John Lewis's today I noticed some jackets for sale with leather patches on their elbows.

I recall that in my youth one could buy jacket repair kits consisting of two elbow patches and two cuff reinforcers, but I'm surprised that manufacturers should have so little confidence in the durability of their products that they sell them ready repaired.

I wonder if it is possible to buy ready darned socks?