Thursday, 2 August 2018

Who Uses a Strawberry Huller

I'm intrigued by kitchen gadgets, and spent several minutes browsing the selection when I went into a kitchen gadget shop to buy a pair of cook's scissors.

Despite my enthusiasm, some of the devices offered did puzzle me a little. I could understand that someone might occasionally use a mango stoner, though I don't need one after watching a televised Agatha Christie mystery in which Poirot stoned a mango using a dessert spoon. My attempt to duplicate his triumph was not as neat as his, but was still successful.

However I can't imagine why anyone might need a strawberry huller. Any reader who have ever used one, please testify here!!

1 comment :

Sasha said...

I bought this gadget, and I can testify that it is absolutely useless. Far easier to hull strawberries using a small, sharp kitchen knife.