Thursday, 19 April 2018

Managing without Television

The television set in my dining room, which is the set I watch most, recently stopped showing pictures, though it still relays sound, so I can use it to listen to radio broadcasts. I find I can also follow television news programmes quite well even without the picture. However it's no use for detective stories or murders.

An advantage  of this is that I eat rather less. I'd been spending much of the evening watching the television, and eating snacks or sweets. Now I potter around the Internet, and manage without the snacks and sweets, which helps my campaign to lose weight. I'm therefore not in a great hurry to replace the television.

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Sasha said...

I've not watched television properly since John died nearly four years ago. I hate sitting all alone on the sofa in front of the screen. If I watch programmes at all (and it's increasingly rare) I use iPlayer on John's antiquated iPad at the dining room table - but that is a whole lot too close to the fridge and the food cupboards, so I entirely understand your situation.