Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Extreme Gullibility

A man was recently convicted of fraud after he turned out to have sold a completely ineffective device that was supposed to detect explosives. Many of these objects were sold to governments to equip soldiers. I find it hard to believe that no civil servant or soldier tested a device before authorising the purchase. The devices seem to have had no working parts, in which case they would never have given any indication of anything.

If someone offered me a gadget of any sort, I'd want to try it out, and also to have a look inside to see how it worked. I fear that many people in important positions feel it would be beneath their dignity to examine a mere machine. We are so dependent on gadgets these days that I think it is unsafe for any position of authority to be held by anyone who doesn't like to play with all available toys.

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Sasha said...

I've a feeling that people who are spending money which they have not themselves earned are by no means as careful and responsible as they would be if they were dipping into their own pockets.