Monday, 21 January 2013

Battery Care

A recent news item mentioned that batteries are often thrown away while they still hold a fair amount of charge.

What was not mentioned was that even if completely discharged, they can be recharged.

Many years ago a student told me that even batteries not sold as rechargeable can be recharged a few times. As I use mainly rechargeable s I'd never tested the claim until a few days ago when the battery in a remote control expired, and I had no rechargeables of the requisite size. I therefore tried recharging, and it worked!!

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JOanna said...

Charging a non-rechargeable battery is risky, unless the charger has suitable circuitry that can detect the difference in charging rate. Fast-charging (as opposed to trickle charging) a standard battery is especially risky as the battery may overheat, explode or catch fire.

There are chargers on the market that are explicitly marketed as being able to recharge ordinary batteries as well as rechargeable ones.