Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Victory Over Obscure Instructions

After several days of anguish I have at last managed to copy pictures and other material into my computer from my new LGC300 mobile phone.

When I tried to use Bluetooth, I got no further than pairing phone and computer. Every attempt to send anything in either direction produced a 'pointer error'. As mobile phone users have no access to pointers that is an extremely silly message.

I then bought a USB connector, which failed to send data in either direction except for the phone's name and 'address'. Eventually I realised that software might be needed, found the manufacturer's site and installed everything I could find. I installed a driver, and then performed an arcane operation which I later realised had brought up to date the firmware in the phone, and finally, today, spotted something that had been downloaded but not installed,and which turned out to be the 'PC Suite' which enables one to copy the contents of the phone to the PC.

The feeling of triumph when one gets such things to work, is almost enough to make the agony of the struggle worthwhile, but perhaps not quite enough.

In case a fellow sufferer is reading this, I'd better say that the key website is:

http://www.lg.com/us/support/mc-support/mobile-phone-support.jsp and one needs to install:


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