Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Sheltered from Vectors of Infection

I haven't had a cold this year. Avoiding the infection we all dread may be protecting us from other infections. For the past few years I have only rarely had visitors and my outings have consisted of daily walks to the shops and fortnightly bus journeys to Leicester for U3A meetings. I haven't been to Leicester or travelled on any public transport since late February and have been to the shops only three times in the last six weeks.

When the health crisis is over we may consider how often we need to meet large numbers of other people. Apart from work, shopping, and visits to doctors or dentists, we rarely need to be in close proximity to other people except to engage in carnal relations, and even they could be replaced by artificial insemination by post. We can exchange thoughts and ideas by email or by reading each other's web sites and blogs.

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