Saturday, 1 December 2018

Timing the Seasons

In the media people refer to today as the first day of Winter.

We used to treat the twenty first of March, June, September and December as the first days of the four seasons.

As 21 June was often referred to as Midsummer, it seemed odd to treat it as also the first day of that season, but much of June is often quite chilly and more Spring like than summery and much of September is still as summery as it gets in our cool climate, and seriously wintery weather rarely starts before late December.

If seasons are all to start on the first of some month, it will be hard to date the start of Spring.  The first of March is much too early as most of that month is decidedly wintry. Yet if we start Spring on 1 April and Summer on 1 June, there'll be only two  months for Spring. Perhaps that would be justified since Spring is a transitional state.

What abut four months each for Summer and Winter, with two  months for both Spring and Autumn ?

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