Thursday, 15 November 2018

Very Bad Value

If baffled by the need to choose Christmas presents likely to delight some fastidious acquaintance, one might be tempted to send them a 'hamper'.

Don't !!!!

The ones I've seen advertised seem to be extremely bad value for money. I've just checked through one I saw advertised on line at a price of £110, and estimate that the ordinary retail price of the contents would be in the region of at most £40.

Fearing liability for a libel action I don't give a link to the site, but I suspect that almost any hamper being offered would be as bad a buy.

Just check if you doubt my word.

1 comment :

Sasha said...

I have no doubt whatever that you're right. The truth is that people at this time of year are so desperate to find Christmas presents that they become easy meat for this kind of 'deal'.