Sunday, 21 October 2018

Oppressive Mis-Education.

The most miserable period of my life was three years from age 8 to10 when I attended a junior school which seemed to be designed to suppress original thought and self expression. A ferocious headmistress used to patrol the corridors, cane in hand, to ensure that no-one spoke while proceeding from room to room.

Moving to a grammar school was a great relief. There we could chatter as much as we chose between classes.

I've just been appalled to read that a secondary school in Birmingham is to impose a rule of silence in the corridors.

A school should be a place of learning where ideas are developed and exchanged, not a prison where unimaginative pedagogues suppress thought.


Sasha said...

How utterly horrific. Wackford Squeers would be proud. Everything seems to be getting worse and worse instead of better and better - or is that just old age speaking?

nikkolayebba said...

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