Saturday, 28 July 2018

Fuss About Fur

There was recently a strange news item about real fur being sold as fake. Reality is usually regarded as an advantage!

In the course of the discussion it was mentioned that it is now illegal to produce fur in Britain. I hadn't realised that. I vaguely remember that quite a while ago hooligans used to attack people wearing fur, but I hadn't noticed that their hooliganism had been adopted as government policy.

I would understand a prohibition of using the fur, or any body parts, of endangered species. However that would not prevent the use of the fur of mink, rabbits or foxes. Mink were often farmed, and animals that have escaped from mink farms seem to have survived and bred successfully in the wild.  Foxes are often shot as pests, and we often eat rabbits. I can see no objection to using the fur after eating its contents.

My maternal grandmother used to have a fox fur. I was intrigued by the way it was fastened, so that it looked as if it were biting its tail.

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