Friday, 23 March 2018

Enlivened by the Spring

For the last few weeks I've been distressingly lazy, neglecting both blog and web site, instead messing about reading inconsequential odds and ends on the Internet, and gossiping with the cat - who is deaf and may well not be able to lip read.

Once the snow had melted in the Spring sunshine, I've been like a man reborn. I've walked all the way through the park, have planted by tomato seeds and replanted the camellia seedlings, and today I made a batch of lime marmalade, despite a power cut in the middle of the process. Allegedly a nearby substation caught fire.

1 comment :

Sasha said...

You should not feel rotten about being idle: you were submitting to the hibernation urge which affects quite a few people. Now that spring is on the way, no doubt you will achieve wonders.
Hope I will, too, but not much sign of it yet...