Thursday, 31 August 2017

Check Your Nectar Points

Several times 'bonus' points, although included in the total shown on the till receipt for the day I earned them, have not been included in future totals.

For instance my points total just after shopping on 21 August when I earned 150 bonus points, was 5896, but when I did some more shopping the following day my receipt showed 'Previous Points Balance' at only 5746, so the bonus of 150 had disappeared.

I advise all readers to keep receipts for a few days and to compare one day's closing balance with the following day's opening balance.

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Sasha said...

Good gracious, Richard! Thank you for pointing this out; I've never thought to check. One important thing I learnt on cix was the importance of always asking for a receipt when taking money out of a cash point. Otherwise, crooked people behind the scenes can snaffle a few quid from your account. One must be so wary about everything.